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Sapwood: pale yellow-gray to almost white. An increasing amount of this specie is being made into decking before it arrives in the U.S. Lumber thicker than 4/4 is nearly impossible to find. Ambrosia Maple Flooring (Allensville) < image 1 of 24 > image 1 of 24 > $69.00. Ambrosia Maple is named for the small Ambrosia Beetle who bores tunnels through the wood, bringing with it a fungus responsible for the very unique colored streaking. Maple Figured Natural Edge Slabs. Pecky Bolivian Walnut. Beetles bore into the trees, giving it that discolored look. Ambrosia Maple Wood Slabs Ambrosia Maple is typically found in Soft Maple. 50% Off Sale. NWT-C5071 . Local 336-449-9627 or Toll Free 1-888-445-7335 All prices given are for rough lumber. We offer superior grade domestic and imported lumber and plywood for all your projects. Ipe Lumber for Sale. Soft Maple Hardwood Flooring. You are buying the exact slab of lumber in the images shown. $52.00. Southeastern Pennsylvania was once covered by hardwoods from the Delaware River to our western border. The majority of ambrosia maple is found in species of soft maple.. Distribution: Primarily temperate regions in the Northern Hemisphere Average Dried Weight: 30.2 to 38.0 lbs/ft 3 (485 to 610 kg/m 3) depending on … S4S: Surface four sides, call for pricing. Thin Stock Lumber 1/2. )Prices are per board foot and discounts are given at quantities of 10 board feet and 100 board feet. Let me know what you have fair price will be paid. All exotic and domestic wood slabs & burls can be seen in person at The Exotic Wood Shed in our Charm, Ohio store. Shop now. Mason’s Mill & Lumber Co., Inc. stocks Houston’s largest and most diverse hardwood inventory. $4.75. 2 Bds. Small Quantities: $ 5.75. Thus, 4/4 equals 1″ in the rough and 8/4 equals 2″. If you don't see a thickness you want, give us a call (1.877.232.3915), we can mill exactly what you need! Build. For Sale: Lumber 4/4, 5/4 KD Ambrosia Maple 1800 b/f Seller: Murdock Building Co & Portable Sawmill: NC: 11/25: For Sale: Flooring/ Moulding Character Grade Unsteamed Marble Walnut Flooring Seller: Reclaimed Wood Furn. Craftsmen Supply is your source for the highest quality domestic and imported hardwoods in the Tampa Bay area.Our stocked hardwood is kiln-dried, planed to thickness, and often straight-line ripped. The Tree. Various lengths 6" to 13". Ambrosia Maple is typically a soft maple tree that has been invested with a beetle. Figured Wormy MAPLE Wood Slab Live Edge DIY Lumber Epoxy Table Shelf Spalted 373. A 4/4″ board is … Maple Figured Burls & Slabs *These are one of a kind pieces. $450.00. S3S: Surface two sides and Straightline rip one edge, add $0.60/bd.ft. Today, our urban landscape is still full of grand old Black Walnut, Cherry, Oak, Ash and Maple trees, among others, providing us with beauty, valuable shade and breathable air as well as a supply of lumber. New. $23.47 shipping. * Return to Burls & Slabs Add to Wish List Add to Compare. A wide variety of domestic hardwoods in various thicknesses and price ranges. Maple is an outstanding domestic species with a very tight grain and a consistent, creamy coloration. All lumber is graded to National Hardwood Association Standards When the beetle bores into the wood, it leaves a fungus which creates the streaks. Find Maple lumber & composites at Lowe's today. Shop lumber & composites and a variety of building supplies products online at SOFT MAPLE WOOD. Nearly white sapwood, sometimes with a reddish tinge and light tannish heartwood. Your bid is for one large box of various thin kiln dried, ambrosia Maple lumber B grade lumber or seconds. LLC: PA: Hardwood Lumber:All of our lumber is of the highest quality and kiln dried (unless otherwise noted. Call for questions on inventory. Hardwood lumber is sold by the board foot and in the rough with widths and thicknesses being random. ... Spalted Maple, Ambrosia Maple, Curly Maple, Burl Maple, Fiddleback Maple. S2S: Surfaced two sides, add $0.40/bd.ft. Buy individual Figured Hardwood Lumber Boards Shorts Hobby Wood, Intarsia Wood, Wood Turning, Craft wood - Bundled packs of cutoffs from figured hardw ... Ambrosia Maple. Harvesting the Urban Forest. Watch. 7/8"x7-1/2"x53" Curly Tiger Maple Ambrosia Wormy Wood Lumber AM-70. - Custom Orders Welcome: (877) 770-9663 Our inventory of figured lumber often includes species like curly maple, ambrosia maple, spalted maple, and more. It is quite hard and mills very well. Ambrosia Maple: Figured Lumber. LLC: PA: 11/24: For Sale: Lumber Reclaimed Red Oak Flooring $4.49 Seller: Reclaimed Wood Furn. Used primarily for interior cabinetry, furniture, and flooring, maple is a stable and versatile species. Call 604-504-5434 Red Maple grows throughout the eastern United States. These insects infest dying or recently cut trees by boring tiny holes into them. Various sized pieces from 1/4" to 1/2" thick. Simple. Lumber Hardwood Hardwoods 4/4 5/4 6/4 8/4. The patch work of color adds a unique and figured look to each slab without affecting its structural integrity; Not to worry, the beetles are killed during the kiln drying process. At our wood warehouse you will find: – Hardwood experts to help you select your wood – 1000’s of feet of premium hardwood lumber – A large selection of figured & quarter sawn wood -Regional, sustainably-harvested wood products Shop now. Bulk Discounts Available. Lumber for sale in a variety of species, including black walnut, quilted maple, curly maple, spalted maple, alder, birch, red cedar, and more. Add to Cart. I spend a great deal of time and effort making sure I have the best kiln dried lumber around, and I sure don't mind you looking over every board you buy. OVER 100 SPECIES OF EXOTIC WOOD! Machines well, especially for turning, but is susceptible to burning and irregular grain can cause chip-out. If you have any questions or are interested in making a purchase, please give us a call or email Boone ( and we can quickly provide you with a quote. We stock over 1,000,000 BF of domestic and imported hardwoods … Be the first to review this product . to discriminating craftsman. Live edge and straight cut lumber for sale, great selection! For over 50 years we've been offering superior custom selected kiln dried figured hardwoods such as curly maple, curly cherry, curly red oak, curly yellow birch, etc. Length: 4′ to 10′, rarely found up to 12′ Avg. Simply put, if Tague can't buy what you want, we'll make it for you – right here in Chester County, Pennsylvania. The On Sale/Specials page will highlight special clearance & sale items. Excellent ambrosia Maple for use in many wood working projects. Trophy Boards. Typical Avg. Call text or e mail thanks. Steam-bends satisfactorily. There are many species of maple, but Berlin G. Myers Lumber Corp primarily stocks hard maple. Our figured lumber is available in random widths and lengths, as well as wide, bookmatched, and sets from the same log for consistent color and figure throughout. to build a wood shed. Bds. Located near Kirkland lake. Shop New Products. DOMESTIC WOODS Ambrosia Maple (Spalted Wormy & Pecky Maple) Pecky Bolivian Walnut; Pecky Bolivian Walnut Prices Pecky Bolivian Walnut Lumber. The Wood Yard is a friendly hardwood and specialty lumber store that caters to the furniture and cabinet builder, the home hobbyist and craftsman. Amount of stripes varies in each piece. Straight, close grain with a fine, uniform texture. Plain Hard Maple is readily available, Curly Hard Maple is available in 4/4 lumber only and Birdseye Maple is becoming very rare! We have our material surfaced down to the nearest 1/8″. Purchase. Widths: 4″ – 12″+ Lengths: 4′ – 14′ Qty 1 = 1 Board Foot Minimum Purchase of 10BF […] The Tague Lumber Custom Millwork Division offers builders, contractors, architects, designers, remodelers, and discerning homeowners the flexibility of custom millwork solutions when a suitable product cannot be sourced from a manufacturer. For more information contact one of our hardwood lumber sales representatives today! Much like Spalted Maple and other forms of figured maple, Ambrosia Maple is technically not a specific species of Maple, but rather a general description of Maple that has been infested by the Columbian timber beetle. We offer surfacing, sanding, epoxy filling of voids, spray-finishing, book-matching, and gluing services, and we ship directly to you. ... Spalted maple ambrosia maple ash hickory beech oak elm poplar 4$ / board foot 519-331-7087 Ambrosia Maple: Figured Lumber 2019-09-25T19:13:27-04:00. 8/4 Curly Maple Maple. The beautiful greyish-brown streaks in the wood are caused by the ambrosia beetle. ... On Sale. 4/4. All lumber is custom picked to insure wood quality, the best of figure and is kiln dried 6% to 8% moisture content. For smaller or larger quantities, call for pricing and availability. $73.30 shipping. Rose Forestry & Sawmill is also your source for quality, highly figured lumber for sale. Soft Maple, acer rubrum, is widely used as a substitute to Hard Maple because of its similarity in color, grain pattern, etc. ... rough cut. Ipe Lumber has gotten progressively more difficult to source of the last couple of years. Width: 3″ to 8″, rarely found 9″ to 18″ wide and almost impossible to find pure white over 8″ wide: Typical Avg. Figured Lumber for Sale. Domestic Black Walnut Lumber Scientific Name: Juglans nigra Heartwood: light brown to a dark brown with darker brown streaks. December 1, 2020 New Listings 4/4 Curly Maple . Ambrosia Maple (Acer saccharinum) features distinctive greenish/brownish streaks, as well as small worm holes, caused by the ambrosia beetle. New. We now have a 20" jointer so we can first flatten the bottom of the boards, Then we run them thru our new (1940's) … Email Us +1.610.932.7400. We cut over 100 species of hardwoods including Indian Rosewood, Walnut, Camphor, Tigerwood, Brazilian Cherry, Persimmon, and many other hard-to-find lumber types. 7/8"x6-1/2"x44" Curly Tiger Maple Ambrosia Wormy Wood Lumber AM-73. Heavy, hard, strong, and stiff with moderate shock resistance, low decay resistance, and medium movement in use. Select. Watch. Ambrosia Maple 4 |4 to 6 |4; Ambrosia Maple 7 |4 to 8 |4; Roasted-Torrefied Woods. Various widths 2 1/2 to 6" wide. PLACE AN ORDER. Thickness is designated in fractions. AAAA 6/4 Figured (WBL) Maple Lumber. Common Name(s): Ambrosia maple, wormy maple Botanical Designation: Not a distinct species of maple; describes a fungal discoloration caused by wood-boring ambrosia beetles. Soft Maple Lumber Angela Raimato 2020-07-23T11:22:00-04:00. Baillie Lumber is a manufacturer of Soft Maple hardwood. Soft Maple Lumber Pricing. or Best Offer. The beetle bores a small hole in the wood, bringing with it a fungus that gives the maple a unique color.

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