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Bunsenlabs does a good job keeping things minimal. BunsenLabs Linux Deuterium review - Too much work . What we should appreciate about it is the low hardware requirements, makes it “usable” on an ancient hardware with only 256 MB of RAM and single core processor (2 GB RAM is “luxurious” for BunsenLabs). BunsenLabs Linux is a successful reinvention of the defunct CrunchBang Linux distro. For Graphics you have Mirage image viewer and a screenshot app installed with GIMP, Blender, Inkscape, and some others only a click away. Fastest Linux Distro - Bunsenlabs Review - YouTube In my experience, Bunsenlabs is the fastest and almost complete features. BunsenLabs Linux Deuterium review - Too much work Oct 14, 2017 AaronStuart No Comments Today, we venture away from the more common, more popular and explore the slightly more niche (or nicher) - BunsenLabs , the spiritual and material successor to CrunchBang , a lightweight distro based on Debian and running Openbox. When I first started using BunsenLabs Linux I did not enjoy the experience. Though Openbox may need a little “adaptation” in use (especially from a traditional start menu use to the “right click menu anywhere”), once you get through it, it is indeed efficient and comfortable to use. ​Conky is available and running by default on BunsenLabs. BunsenLabs (formerly known as CrunchBang) is based on a Debian stable branch. Cruchbang offers no limit to customization except your imagination. BunsenLabs comes with 2 workspaces by default. The process will take a few minutes and you will have your desktop setup and ready to use. BunsenLabs isn’t just built and intended for ancient machines (some revival projects), it is indeed a very capable and potential to be used in modern machines. ​The minimum requirements for BunsenLabs is 256MB RAM and an installation using a little over 2GB of disk space. BunsenLabs is one of the reason why I love Linux. Installation Getting started Release notes. Powered by, LinuxAndUbuntu Review Of BunsenLabs Linux, Passwordless Login Vs. It uses Openbox as its default desktop environment. To change the wallpaper, right-click on the desktop and navigate to Preferences> Choose Wallpaper. I only discovered this by accident as I was scrolling through a page with the mouse wheel only for it to change workspaces. I love photography, automotives, & cooking. It isn’t bloated while still give you the option to easily install the apps you need. It has a balance of minimalistic design and the ability to extend the software base to add functionality. But this one, the heir of Crunchbang Linux, is the fastest and most stable of the lightweight Linuxes! I might mix those three for maximum pleasure. Also, the number of installed applications are almost too little for new users but then again you can install some curated ones with just a click. You have Gnumeric and Google Docs available by default which I think is pretty cool. Change ), This is a text widget, which allows you to add text or HTML to your sidebar. Reviews; Debian base, kernel 3.X, a desktop and some apps. You cannot install from the live environment, you will need to come back to the boot menu to install. Also Read – Top Linux Distributions For Old Computers. Edit them in the Widget section of the. Follow their code on GitHub. Impress, Calc or the entire suite can be installed, once again my just a click. You can use them to display text, links, images, HTML, or a combination of these. Being based on Debian allows it to enjoy a solid base of packages. Not just like “Lubuntu fast” or “Manjaro fast”, it is notably more responsive and more like a “Puppy fast“. You can use lower resources if you do not intend to run a graphical desktop with low resource-intensive applications. BunsenLabs Linux Install & Review Published on Nov 26, 2017 In this video I take a quick look at BunsenLabs, a Debian-based Linux distro that uses the … ​Right-clicking on the desktop will popup the menu as there is no launcher or menu icon on the top panel or any other place on the desktop. The result was a simple, but powerful distro that took few resources and could run on lower powered computers.

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