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You can fly away. Doubters will tell you to “be realistic”. Listen to Hunting For Your Dream by Galneryus, 47,182 Shazams. WORKING WILL! HUNTING FOR YOUR DREAM Lyricist:SHO Composer:Syu どれほど夢に触れている? Daichi wo fumishimete. Iku suji mo no hikari ga. Top Lyrics of 2011. You’ve got things to achieve Be the best you can be! Lyrics to 'Hunting For Your Dream' by Galneryus. YOU are the only one who can go and get it, it’s your dream NO ONE will chase it for you. NO ONE will hunt for you. Haters will tell you to quit. Taiyou abite. Hunting your dream ain’t easy, But you gotta dig deep and fight for your destiny! While you were fumbling about and losing your way Will surely change who you are today, You will shine brightly Once you step forward It is waiting for you there The dazzling light Hunting for your… The great skies and the great earth Absorb them into your body Without stopping, surpass your future, And you can become stronger Mabushiku kagayaku no sa! Do what ever you need! Go hunt your dream! Fumi dashitara soko ni. If it was easy then we all would I just wish that we believed that we all could! Al fin terminas de encontrar Hunter X Hunter Ending 2 Hunting For Your Dream With Romaji Lyricsengl.Pero no solo eso, sino que te hallas a nada de descargar mp3 gratis de la mejor calidad como no pueden ofrecer otras paginas. Fumi dashitara soko ni Kimi wo matteiru Iku suji mo no hikari ga. Oozora mo kono daichi mo Subete karada ni suikome Tomaru koto nai asu wo Oikoshite kimi wa tsuyoku nareru. Do what ever you need! Chordie does not index songs against artists'/composers' will. 目指したモノがある この手は何を求めてる? You're sad, sad, sadly mistaken So let me make you familiar You say you're going up, I beg to differ I think you're going straight on down, down, down In a hell of gunfire I'm a hunt, hunt for your chemicals I've got the lust, lust for the criminal in you Just trust me, cause I'll be honest 目指したモノがある この手は何を求めてる? Unfortunately, we are not authorized to show these lyrics Hunting For Your Dream Galneryus. Lirik Hunting For Your Dream - Galneryus [Hunter x Hunter (2011)] sepenuhnya adalah hak cipta pemiliknya seperti penulis, artis, dan label yang bersangkutan. Billboard Hot 100. Talking about that dream won’t take you far. Hunting For Your Dream This song is by Galneryus and appears on the album Angel of Salvation (2012) and on the single Hunting For Your Dream (2012). Top Lyrics of 2009. Ah! Kimi wo matteiru. You WILL Succeed! Features Song Lyrics for GALNERYUS's Hunting for Your Dream album. HUNTING FOR YOUR DREAM Songtext von Galneryus mit Lyrics, deutscher Übersetzung, Musik-Videos und Liedtexten kostenlos auf Halaman ini hanya membuat terjemahan lirik tersebut dalam Bahasa Indonesia bertujuan agar mengetahui arti dan makna dari lagu ini. Wo matteru. Go hunt your dream! Recently Added. Dore hodo yume ni furete iru Mezashita mono ga aru Kono te wa nani wo motometeru Tashikana mono wo sagashite. Hunting for your... Oozora mo kono daichi mo. Go HUNT YOUR DREAM! Hunting your dream ain’t easy, But you gotta dig deep and fight for your destiny! Popular Song Lyrics. So go hunt your dream! 確かなモノを探して 踏み出したら そこに 君を待っている 幾筋もの光が 大空も この大地も 全て身体に吸い込め 止まる事ない明日を 追い越して Yasashisa ni michiafureteru. どれほど夢に触れている? Lyrics. You gotta live your dream! NO ONE WILL SUPPORT YOUR DREAM BUT YOU. Mitsuke dashita muni no katachi wa Oh! Go hunt your dream! Hunting For Your Dream Letra: Dore hodo yume ni furete iru, Mezashita mono ga aru, Kono te wa nani wo motometeru, Tashikana mono wo sagashite. Kyou no kimi mo kaete kureru darou. Hunting For Your Dream Key AmAm Capo on 1st fret no capo by putting ( D#m = Em , B = C , etc), first half would be easier but the second half would be harder its up to you to choose playing no capo / with capo (Intro) D#m C# B A#m D#m C# Bb B C# D#m Bb (Verse) D#m B dore hodo yume ni furete iru? Hunting For Your Dream by Galneryus, lyrics and translation Just remembered that the cd single of this song has been out for a while. Get HUNGRY FOR YOUR DREAM! Upcoming Lyrics. Go hunt your dream!

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